Mr N.

I have been running the Blackhawk UCA’s with the stock ball joints, and they have been fantastic. They work great with the OEM ball joints. These UCA’s provide plenty of adjustment needed to get the wheel alignment spot on. The difference was extremely noticeable when I changed over to them after having the OEM UCA’s for nearly 30k. I was tossing up between this and a Uniball style, but didn’t want the ongoing maintenance of running Uniball’s or the possibility of squeaking UCA’s. 


The thing I liked about the Blackhawk UCAs is that they use the OE bushes and ball joints, which are known for their longevity.  Offer an excellent alignment, good clearance to the body mount, and good clearance at the tyre. Only arms I have found that have enough clearance for 295/70/17 on OE rims not to rub. If you were to need spares you can get them direct from Toyota, or there are any number of aftermarket options available to get you out of trouble.


I’m running the Blackhawk UCAs. Good bit of kit. Easy to install but you definitely need a press to get the factory ball joint out! 

Mr. B (on Blackhawk Firesticks)

People are always intrigued and amazed when I pull out my firesticks! Great bit of gear.