About Us

Blackhawk4x4 was established because we couldn’t find a product in the market that offered what was required. Constant requests from the market to supply a product that was robust enough for face paced serious cross country touring, while offering increased suspension geometry resulting in improved handling over OE without losing focus of the vehicles OE quality.

We had a lot of demand from customers that wanted to upgrade their factory suspension and had a need for strong reliable components that offered the OE comfort & serviceability for extended remote trips into the Australian outback and surrounds.

Blackhawk 4×4 aim to include all the practical features you may see on big dollar competition cars, although refined to best suit the harsh Australian conditions with the durability we expect from an OE manufacturers product. Ensuring drivability is enhanced with modified vehicles is a focused objective. Quality aftermarket, engineered suspension components will provide better handling while supporting increased tyre life and handling thanks to the new found alignment opportunities with Blackhawk4x4 UCA’s.

This market demand for quality niche product has extended into the lifestyle & camping products, with Blackhawk 4×4 offering a different perspective to the run of the mill product in the market currently, such as our Firesticks for campfire cooking, and other touring vehicle solutions.